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Are you in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon or Washington) looking to model? Our Portland – based modeling agency is always scouting for models and actors available to work in the Portland Oregon area, and for fashion models with a willingness to travel to larger fashion cities when at the appropriate age.

Currently we are looking for people who meet the following requirements:


We are especially interested in beautiful ethnic women! We strive to be very inclusive. Pacific Northwest types with individual style/tattoos are welcome to apply.

  • fashion models – size 0-6, 5’8” and above, ages 16-22.
  • sports models – size 2-8, 5’7”-5’11”, athletic women with slim, toned,
    muscular physiques and sports skills, ages 16-35.
  • plus models – size 14-22, 5’8”-5’11”, aged 16-28.
  • pdx – size 0-16, women with unique defined style, tattoos, interesting looks.
  • lifestyle models and actors – ages 25-75. Fun loving, natural look and hair, with a great smile and proportionate figure. Don’t be afraid to reach out, we have extensive needs in this category.


  • fashion models – 6’0” and above, ages 17-22.
  • sports models – waist 29’-35’, height 5’11”-6’4’, aged 17-28 with an athletic, muscular build. Sports skills a plus.
  • lifestyle models and actors –aged 17-75. Extroverted, great smile, charming. Don’t be afraid to reach out, we have extensive needs in this category.
  • plus models – 3X current or former athletes, or any “Big and Tall“ sizing
  • pdx – height 5’10” and up, with unique defined style, tattoos, interesting looks.

A cell phone picture taken of you both serious, and smiling, while facing the camera, is very helpful. Minimal makeup in a tanktop and jeans or athletic wear is preferred. Pictures of your midriff are important for athletic models. *No lingerie please.*

Any special skills such as sports skills, dancing, hobbies, acting experience should be noted. Actors please include your headshot and give us an overview of your resume in the message section.

Due to the volume of submissions, we will only contact those we are interested in and who have provided the required information. If you don’t hear from us within a few days, we probably don’t have a current need for you type or size. If we ever do have an unusual request, you might hear from us!

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