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We are looking for a wildly diverse group of people aged 16 and up to work in the Pacific Northwest. We strive to be very inclusive and welcome your application. The Portland modeling and television market thrives on the things that make Portland great- our love of sports and outdoors as well as our edgy style and nonconformist ways. If this sounds like you, we’d love to have you apply!

If you are an experienced model represented in another geographic region and want representation in the Pacific Northwest please drop us a line. We have great opportunities in the lifestyle active space and our direct board may be a perfect fit.

We especially are always looking for women and nonbinary people in sizes 1X- 2X, size 4-6, and as well as men and nonbinary people who wear size 32/32, or 1X-2X. We do sign other sizes as well!

A cell phone picture taken of you both serious, and smiling, while facing the camera, is very helpful. Minimal makeup in a tank top and jeans or athletic wear is preferred. Pictures of your midriff are important for athletic models. *No lingerie or nudity please.* Please don’t use filter or editing software.

An instagram link is very helpful to see your interests and lifestyle. Please don’t skip filling out sizes etc and make sure to give us your shoe size!

Please use the Message box below to tell us about your hobbies and passions - we’d love to know that you are focused on your yoga practice, or are an obsessed plant mom, hike all summer, snowboard all winter, play the guitar, brew beer, make art, run your own business etc. If you are an experienced model or actor, please let us know and provide relevant links.

Due to the volume of submissions, we will only contact those we feel we can get work for. If you don’t hear from us within a few days, we probably don’t have a current need for your look or skillset. We are still appreciative of your submission and wish you the very best.

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